Wines of the World by André L. Simon (1967)

63DA429D-1B6D-43DA-96CE-694E39CDC26B-256This book now looks very outdated but is still an interesting reference. Each wine region is covered by an expert of the day, Wyndham Fletcher providing the chapter on Portugal, including Port, with the entire work being edited by André L. Simon.

This large volume was subsequently revised and re-issued by Serena Suttcliffe in 1981.





Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Edition: 1967

ISBN: 0354046314

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Grossman’s Guide to Wines, Spirits and Beers by Harold J. Grossman (1940)


Originally published in 1940, this is the 5th edition from 1974.

A fairly basic introduction to the wines and other drinks of the world with short chapters on port and Portuguese wine.






Publisher: Frederick Muller, London

Edition: 1974

Pages: 564

ISBN: 0-584-97062-1

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Wines of the World by Serena Sutcliffe (1981)


Published in 1981, this is an updated version of André L. Simon’s book of the same name that was originally published in 1967.

This is a very large volume and a good reference for those interested in knowing the basics about each of the wine regions of the world.




Publisher: Macdonald

Edition: Second Edition, 1981

Pages: 640

ISBN: 9780354046312

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