A Book of Wine by P. Morton Shand (1926)


This was the first of Philip Morton Shand’s four books on wine.

He wrote in an uncompromising style and might have found it difficult to fit into today’s politically correct society.

Shand was the grandfather of Camilla Parker Bowles, now wife of Prince Charles.

A very entertaining read.




Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, London

Edition: 1926

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Port and the Douro, Richard Mayson (2013)

portandthedouroOriginally published in 1999 with a second edition in 2004 (UK) and 2006 (USA). The new edition of 2013 is far superior to all editions that have gone before and in my view is beyond any doubt “The Bible of Port Wine”. The 2013 edition is much improved and expanded both in terms of the quality of production and, more importantly, the currency of the information contained within its pages. The earlier editions are nice to have for a collector but the 2013 edition is what every port lover needs.

Mayson’s intimate knowledge of the country, its people and its wines is impressive and gives the book great weight and credibility. The book is very useful in terms of understanding the production processes and the various styles of port and is a great aid to those wanting to buy and drink vintage port. The vintage reviews and shipper profiles contained in the book have stood the test of time and can be relied upon as some of the best information available on the subject. No port library is complete without this book!


Publisher: Infinite Ideas Ltd

Edition: 2013

Pages: 306

ISBN: 978-1-908984-17-3

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Joseph James Forrester and His Maps by Isaac Oelgart (2006)


Joseph James Forrester and His Maps Of The Portuguese Douro And Adjacent Country and The Map Of The Wine District Of The Alto Douro.

Together with three essays in one volume…

>> Forrester and The Douro By Richard Mayson

>> Forrester’s Maps of The Douro By Debbie Hall

>> Forrester The Delineator By Isaac Oelgart


This is a fabulous collection of Port exclusives created by Isaac Oelgart of The Port Lover’s Library.

The product includes a full-sized, high-quality reproduction of the original 10-foot map, a full-sized reproduction of the smaller map and three specially commissioned essays. A real Port collector’s item!

The photograph shown above includes a regular sized bottle of port to give you an idea of the scale of this publication. Below is a copy of the rolled version of the map that is now framed and hanging in my sitting room…







Publisher: The Port Lover’s Library

Edition: 2006

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Email Isaac Oelgart to purchase this and other publications by The Port Lover’s Library.

Oporto, Old and New, Charles Sellers (1899)

OportoOldAndNewThis is a fabulous old book which sets out the history of the British port shippers in fine detail and is probably the most comprehensive work ever produced on the subject. The author was related to various members of the port trade, his brother being the part-owner of G. H. Sellers & Ferro of Oporto.

The original edition is extremely rare but facsimile and PDF editions are available.






Publisher: Herbert E. Harper (The Wine & Spirit Gazette)

Edition: 1899, First Edition

Pages: 314

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Facts About Port and Madeira, Henry Vizetelly (1990)

VizetellyOriginally published in 1880, this is a beautiful limited edition reproduction published in 1992 by Peter Willis and Clive Coates M. W. and makes an excellent alternative to the very scarce and very expensive first edition. The production quality is first class and is infinitely better than any other facsimile copy of this book available today.

A review of the first edition can be found here.





Publisher: Peter Willis

Edition: 1990 Limited Edition (500 copies released for sale)

Pages: 211

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Port Wine Quintas of the Douro, Alex Liddell (1992)

8C701436-9CA4-4F75-824B-DEBEF56EA84E-256A fantastic book with lots of information and stunning photography by Janet Price.

This is beyond doubt the definitive guide to the Quintas of the Douro. The only downside is that recent consolidation in the trade has resulted in many properties changing hands so the ownership information is now somewhat out of date.

This is a must have for the serious Port enthusiast.




Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers for Sotheby’s Publications

Edition: 1992

Pages: 232

ISBN: 0 85667 410 9

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