A Book of the Nature of All Wines by William Turner (1568)


This book is a modern English version of the text of William Turner’s “A New Boke of the Natures and Properties of all Wines that are Commonlye Vsed here in England”, originally published in 1568. This was the first book on wine written in the English language.

The book contains a facsimile copy of the original held by the Library of Congress, a modern English transcription, plus a thirty-seven page commentary, bibliography and oenological note by Sanford V. Larkey and Philip M. Wagner.

A very interesting read for those interested in the history of wine or medical science. The book was written in an age before the modern understanding of how the human body works and the association between the use of different types of wine and the various “humours of the body” is fascinating. The science that these descriptions are based on were founded in the writings of Roman physicians such as Galen and Pliny.

The 1568 text is more or less uniteliigable to the average reader, making this 1941 edition with its modern English translation an important addition to the original.


Publisher: Scholars’ Facsimiles & Reprints New York

Edition: 1941

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