General Instructions for the Choice of Wines and Spirituous Liquors by Duncan Mcbride (1793)


This copy is a facsimile reprint of the 1793 first edition.

According to James Gabler, “McBride was an enterprising London wine merchant who obtained the support of some doctors concerning the curative powers of his own brand of Spanish wine, known as Toc-kay de Espagna.”





Publisher: Gale Ecco

Edition: 2010

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A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine by William Speechly (1790)


Full title: A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine, exhibiting new and advantageous methods of propagating, cultivating, and training that plant, so as to render it abundantly fruitful. Together with new hints on the formation of vineyards in England. By William Speechly, Gardener to the Duke of Portland.

Published in 1790, this is a facsimile reprint edition.



Publisher: Kessinger Publishing

Edition: 2009

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An Essay on Wines, Especially on Port Wine, John Wright (1795)


Originally published in 1795 with the full title: “An Essay on Wines, Especially Port Wine; Intended to Instruct Every Person to Distinguish That Which Is Pure, and to Guard Against the Frauds of Adultery.”

This is an interesting but difficult read due to it being written in old English script and the quality of the facsimile copy is quite poor. Worth owning a copy if you are interested in the history of Port and the Port trade.



Publisher: J. Barkir

Edition: 1795

Pages: 68

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A Treatise on the Wines of Portugal, John Croft (1787)

551656A2-819A-481A-927E-050A442073CB-256 This is a facsimile reprint of the 1788 second edition, which was published under the full title: “A Treatise on the Wines of Portugal; and what can be gathered on the subject and nature of the wines, &c. since the establishment of the English Factory at Oporto, anno 1727. Also, a dissertation on the nature and use of wines in general, imported into Great Britain, as pertaining to luxury and diet. By John Croft, S.A.S., Member of the Factory at Oporto, and wine-merchant, York.”

A very interesting read, but difficult due to the use of old English script and the very poor quality of the reproduction.




Publisher: A. Ward

Edition: 1788 2nd Edition

Pages: 31

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