The Female Instructor by an unknown author (1833)


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“The Female Instructor; or, young woman’s friend and companion, being a guide to all the accomplishments which adorn the female character, either as a useful member of society, a pleasing companion, or, a respectable mother of the family. Containing many pleasing examples of illustrious females. To which is added, a select system of cookery, the art of preserving and pickling, brewing, making wines, family recipes, the management of poultry, dying, & c., and directions to servants of every description.”

Mrs Pankhurst would not approve.


Publisher: Henry Fisher

Edition: 1872

Pages: 560

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The Wines of the World Characterized & Classed by Henry Vizetelly (1875)

85713504-D2A7-44BD-9738-80C401B5A186-256This was the first book produced by the author who went on to produce Facts about Champagne and Facts about Port and Madeira.

This book is an account of the wines and beers presented for judging at the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. The introduction claims that this was “the first public assemblage of the wines of the world”.




Publisher: Ward Lock & Tyler

Edition: 1875

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