A Book of Wine by P. Morton Shand (1926)


This was the first of Philip Morton Shand’s four books on wine.

He wrote in an uncompromising style and might have found it difficult to fit into today’s politically correct society.

Shand was the grandfather of Camilla Parker Bowles, now wife of Prince Charles.

A very entertaining read.




Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, London

Edition: 1926

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How to Enjoy Wine in the Home by André L. Simon (1952)


A charming little book with some good advice for those wishing to explore the world of wine from the comfort of their home.

There is an amusing section on “Starting a cellar” which suggests 20 wines to buy for a total cost of £20. Those were the days!





Publisher: Newman Neame

Edition: 1952

Pages: 32

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What About Wine? By André L. Simon (1953)

5132027B-A958-4422-97E8-AB32653CF506-256This is a slightly enlarged and updated version of The Wine Connoisseur’s Catechism, written by the same author 19 years earlier.

Interestingly, the earlier book places Port first in the list of wines discussed whereas this later publication places it second to last. This is a common feature of books from this era and is a demonstration of the change in fashions in wine drinking that occurred during the first half of the 20th century.

Publisher: Newman Neame, London

Edition: 1953

Pages: 56

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