1000 Great Wines That Won’t Cost a Fortune by Jim Gordon & Others (2011)


This is a very useful guide to mid-range wines, including second wines from major producers in most wine producing regions of the world.

Unfortunately there is little or no mention of specific vintages but as a rough guide to which labels to look out for it is about as good a reference as I have found for this sector of the market.




Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Edition: 2011

Pages: 353

ISBN: 9781405361644

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The Finest Wines of Rioja & Northwest Spain by Jesus Barquin & Luis Gutierrez & Victor de la Serna (2011)

A7D9F6FD-6D3B-4CA7-9FF3-92F845ABA63C-256A concise guide to the wine producers of Rioja and other regions of northwest Spain.

The majority of this book focusses on the history of the various houses and their vineyards but doesn’t contain much information about the wines they produce.





Publisher: Aurum Press

Edition: 2011

Pages: 320

ISBN: 9781845136932

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The Complete Bordeaux by Stephen Brook (2012)

521D72E5-1360-48F1-9738-48A14111FD1D-256A large tome with fantastic descriptions of the history, the people and the wines of each Château.

Very clearly laid out and bang up to date with useful comments on lots of the recent vintages that are still widely available today. The best book I own on the subject of Bordeaux by a considerable stretch.




Publisher: Mitchell Beazley

Edition: 2012

Pages: 720

ISBN: 9781845337070

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